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I struggle with this very question about every three weeks, when my roots start reappearing. The inconvenience of spending hours in the hairdressers with chemical weapons on my head is something I anticipate with dread each time it comes around. My hair seems to grow at a phenomenal pace, and no sooner is it done when I seem to need to get the roots touched up again. That’s before I get my head around at what it costs. BTW, salon price lists are a closely guarded secret as Himself would throw a wobbler if he knew the half of it. I could go on a world cruise for the amount I spend just disguising grey hair every year. image

What prompts me to write this is that recently my hairdresser suggested it. I was quite taken aback. ‘You should try the pastel grey. Very on-trend at the moment”. Should I be insulted ?. I still wasn’t a granny the last time I checked.. I’ve been dying my hair since I was sixteen and frankly don’t even remember my own colour any more. But grey, that’s about 50 shades too far. In fact, I always said to Himself and to the kids, if I’m ever in a serious accident, for any reason I’m ever in a coma for more than 2 weeks, have a hairdresser come to my sick bed and do my roots. ‘On pain of death, you must promise you’ll never leave me with badger roots’. After all, they’re the reason I have it.


I decided to make a list of the pros and cons to getting my hair done professionally.

Pros to banishing the grey:

  • Will look half presentable, in keeping with domestic goddess status
  • No grey hair or badger roots
  • Look my age (as opposed to looking like old hag)
  • Catch up on local gossip at the salon
  • Chance to read, file nails, check emails, Twitter

Cons to Going Grey:

  • Will add 15 years.
  • Will look like a displaced person with a head like an auld fella’s arm pits.
  • possibly nicknamed ‘old badger roots’ or ‘grecian 2000 head’
  • Will miss out on salon gossip, like who Sharon Byrne is philandering with, or who is botoxed up.
  • Will forget how to tweet and will neglect nails
  • Can go on cruise with money I save ( I list this as a con as I’d have to stay in cabin for the entire duration due to looking like old hag).


Feck it!! Think I’ll put off embracing my inner granny for a few more years and remain in denial of the slide into decrepitude.