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Advanced Lampshade Making 101 anyone?
Evening classes make you happy!! The Dalai Lama, no less, has proclaimed it to be so..

imageIt’s that time of year again, when I sign up for an evening class to satisfy my desire to be considered ‘accomplished’ as Jane Austin would say. I don’t think I’ll ever achieve that status as my piano forte is a bit lacking. Reading the pamphlet from the local college I will improve my sense of self worth, on a path to inner peace…make the world a better place. With most colleges, enrolment for night classes commences at the end of January, which is very clever on their part, as most have moved on from the new years resolution faze and are looking for something else to assuage the feelings of failure. So if you’ve lost the will to diet, exercise or generally be a goody two shoes, take up napkin folding and it will make everything ok.
But what to do?? Looking at the bewildering list I’m confused.. so many things I want to try.

image…Advanced lampshade making…., bicycle repair….. pottery…Ashtanga…. belly dancing..(definitely not unless it’s ‘five bellies dancing’). I’m still suffering post traumatic stress from the last time I tried it. What about Plato’s third main argument against the Theory of Forms?

Its been scientifically proven to increase life satisfaction, mental wellbeing, compassion and social trust.
“I suppose you’re going with wine tasting” says Himself, who knows me better than I do. “Absolutely not! I’m seeking personal enrichment” I reply somewhat indignantly.
‘Advanced lampshade making’ sounds tempting but I’m worried the ‘advanced’ bit might imply that I’d need to be sufficiently proficient in beginners lampshade making and unfortunately I’m not.
After pausing for a moment to fantasize about Patrick Swayze at the pottery wheel (an excuse to include a picture of him) I come to a decision. Jewellery Making? Maybe I’ll try thatimage

Watch this space for future posts showing fabulous necklaces, bracelets, earrings… Can’t wait.