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Is housework turning you into a bitter old hag?.  Solution – Outsourcing.

imageAre you like me, spending an increasing number of hours cleaning up after your nearest and dearest and feel it’s slowly turning you into a bitter old hag?. Are those unending, unrewarding, futile household chores making you miserable. Hiring a house cleaner may be just the ticket. Outsourcing is buzzword continually pushed as a business solution, why not apply a little outsourcing of your own. Saturdays should be time to pursue hobbies, meet friends for coffee, ponder the meaning of life… or whatever floats your boat. Thou shalt not spend Saturdays slogging away in the house, playing catch up.

Cast aside any feelings of guilt. You might be thinking, isn’t it part of being a mother? picking up dirty socks, smelly trainers, random articles of clothing strewn around the house, not to mention underpants under the bed (come to think of it I’ve picked underpants off a lampshade where they had been flung across the room to land wherever). Am I less of a mother if I don’t just feckin love to wash sweaty gym shorts left to rot in the under stairs cupbord where they won’t be found until the stench drifts into the hallway causing the dog to bark in protest? ( By the way, no amount of scented candles will disguise the lovely aroma of eau de sweaty shorts).

imageMaybe these jobs can’t be delegated as they’re too gross to reasonably expect any other human being to do, but it would make the burden easier if someone else took care of the vacuuming, ironing, bed linen etc.

You may find all sorts of excuses to deprive yourself of help, like the whole ‘servant – char lady’ idea doesn’t sit comfortably. I was brought up to believe that you should clean up your own mess, however I do believe you can be cut a little slack if you’ve worked all week to earn a crust and pay the bills. My sons do help, and Himself certainly helps out, but the sheer amount of housework can be overwhelming. I don’t want to be one of those nagging control freak mothers. I want them to do their fair share and enjoy what childhood they have left.  Maybe I remember too well the days when I was a lazy teenager.

Hire a cleaner? If you can afford it JUST DO IT.
“Nature abhors a vacuum. And so do I– Anne Gibbons.

It will give you more time to enjoy the remaining chores you do like e.g. cooking. If you enjoy cooking but have to cope with housework too, the cooking just becomes another chore. However, If the bulk of the work is done for you , you won’t resent doing other stuff, e.g. when you peel the underpants off the lampshade you’ll give a sigh and go ‘Ah bless’.


Agree with your cleaner at the outset what you expect her/him to do. Be careful not to overstep the mark. Needless to say asking your cleaner to fetch your slippers is a NO NO..

‘ Life’s too short to stuff a mushroom’ – Shirley Conran.

Well, If stuffing a mushroom is your thing then go right ahead. Don’t be weighed down by the burden of household chores preventing you from stuffing that mushroom. .. There ye go – my words of wisdom for the day.

I have sporadic OCD cleaning moments around the house. But then I get lazy and I’m cured. It’s a very inconsistent personality trait. Chris Hemsworth