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imageOlive oil.  I won’t bore you with the science but apparently it’s hugely beneficial to the health of my arteries, but only when used cold, not in cooking.  So I’ve been doing it wrong all this time.

Meanwhile, seeking out a  good quality oil in my local deli, I noticed Walnut oil on the shelf.  A quick Google informed me that walnut oil leaves olive oil in the halfpenny place when it comes to health.  As I mentioned in a previous blog, walnuts make you skinny.  Skinny and healthy, well what can a girl do but buy a truck load of it.  I decide I’m replacing butter with walnut oil.


Day 1.

My breakfast is a honey spelt roll at my desk.  I replace the butter with walnut oil.  It actually tastes delicious.  Never mind that a strange smell wafts around the vicinity of my desk.  Never mind that I have oil stains on my blouse or that my phone is slipping out of my hands.  I feel  joyous, proud, elated that I’ve take the first step to a healthy lifestyle.  I eye my less informed colleagues eating their croissants with an equal measure of disdain and pity.

Lunch is a salad of avocado, peppers, rocket tomato and of course, lashings of walnut oil… I’m getting healthier by the minute.  I can feel my arteries unblocking with every mouthful.  It tastes delicious, I have second helpings.

At home, I decide to have some walnut oil tapenade to tide me over while cooking dinner, a stir fry with yes, more walnut oil. I am the queen of drizzle.

Day 2

Breakfast and lunch same as day one.

Dinner:  Walnut salad with grilled mackerel, with a little walnut oil drizzled on top.

Day 3

Breakfast and lunch same as day one.

Dinner: Broccolli and scallops a la walnut oil.

Day 4

fat woman with pie on weight scaleI’m starting to notice a change in the tightness of my clothes.   I rush to the bathroom scales.  Nooooo..This is not what I signed up for.  Walnut oil is meant to be skinny making not fat making.

On closer inspection, I see that the calories in one bottle of walnut oil could nourish a small nation.

From one Domestic Goddess to another, take heed, never watch shows that involve doctors telling you what to eat.

“Croissants anyone?”