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imageEven a Domestic Goddesses can have an off day when her crown slips. Never fear, Nifty is here with her top 10 tips, a few pearls of wisdom to restore your good spirits.

A word of warning, you may need to switch off your brain before reading.





image1. Take up a new hobby.   Make diminutive rocking chairs from clothes pegs.  Keep making until you have a whole peggy forest of rocking chairs.  Be careful not to show your new hobby to family members as they may insist on you being institutionalised.




2. Buy a new cushion. The value and status a good cushion adds to your homestead cannot be overstated. If I am ever to divorce, the quantity of cushions in my abode may be the subject of proceedings. Himself threatens to leave if I bring another single cushion into the house.

imageI don’t understand this aversion. A good quality feather stuffed cushion will add warmth and style to your sofa and what else can bring a room together like a well placed cushion. What’s not to love?. If your loved one complains, threaten to replace him with a cushion if he’s not careful.

It’s a universal truth that cushions are a woman’s best friend, not diamonds.








3. Tea in bed. The restorative benefits of a cup of tea in bed should not be underestimated. For a weekend treat I request Figment my butler bring  the morning edition, crisp, clean and freshly ironed.


image.jpeg4. challenge your verbal skills.  Imaging lines that Elizabeth Bennett would deliver to Mr. Darcy in your remake of Pride and Prejudice. “Mr. Darcy, I am undone….”.  Use words like ‘esteemed’,’tolerable’,’piano forte’ or ‘accomplished’.


image5. Buy some new accessories. Accessories doth make’th the woman. It’s so difficult to find a good craftsman to restring your pearls. Buy some fake ones which will do for everyday wear. Teamed with your Hermes scarf (a must for any woman of consequence) no one will know the difference.




6. Eat something yummy. If you don’t have quail eggs to hand, Walnut Whips never fail to offer 100% satisfaction.



7. Be Fabulous. Sometimes is easy to forget just how fabulous you are. Get grooming, primping, preening, crimping, polishing, de-fuzzing, tweezing, plucking or what ever it takes.  Arm yourself with the tools of the beauty trade and return yourself to a state of fabulousness.



Try something new when it comes to nails.


image8. Write a blog. My favourite thing of all, researching (yeah right!!) content for my blog. Not only great fun, but an excuse for everything. You’re not having a lie in on a Sunday morning, you’re researching your blog. Your late for something, you can say you’re carrying out crucial research for your blog. There’s no slippers and newspaper at the ready when your loved one comes home, again, essential blog research the culprit.


9. What list of pick-me-ups would be complete without a picture of Gorgeous George (an excuse to include a picture of him).



10. If all this fails there is always wine!