imageOptician:   That comes to  Eur 638.75

Me:             Are they 24 carat solid gold?

Optician :  No

Me:              Are the diamond encrusted?

Optician:   No.

Me:              Have they been hand crafted by nymphs.

Optician:    No.

Me:              Have they been lovingly buffed by French nuns.

Optician:    No

Me:              But they are nice and designery…

Optician:   Yes.

imageMmm!! Which to choose.  Blindness or spectacles

imageMy blog is almost three months old.  It began as a technical challenge, playing about with WordPress, trying different themes, mucking about with plugins, most enjoyable.  Now that I’ve acquainted myself with the wondrous mysteries of the Twitter machine I’m addicted.


Only problem is, my eyes are sore.  The dreaded day has arrived, I must wear spectacles full time.   I’ve managed until now with glasses just for reading.  I’m perfectly happy to go about my business half blind rather than cave in and wear glasses full time .  It doesn’t bother me one iota if I can’t make out the number of an approaching bus.

Alas, things have taken a sinister turn… headaches, eye strain…this blogging business has left me with ‘tired eyes’ .   I must confess, I’m tempted to choose blindness and headaches over spectacles, vanity over common sense.

imageFocus on the positive..

Glasses suggest intelligence (not geekiness  or nerdiness, no… intelligence).

It’s another way to accessorise, and we all know accessories doth maketh the woman.  I’m thinking cute librarian look.

Will no longer squint to read.

May be mistaken for an Indie rock star  (well, it could happen).

imageGlasses add an aura of mystery, sophistication, serenity.. in manner of Grace Kelly.








May prevent domestic accidents, like taking your dogs’ worming tablet instead of an indigestion tablet.

May prevent traffic accident ( I think being able to see is a requisite to driving).

Gorgeous George still gorgeous with glasses……

I  will NOT  focus on the negatives…

Will lose them every 5 minutes, will spend 3 hours daily looking under cushions.

Will think I’ve lost them when still on my head.


Will sit on them resulting in a tangled mess.



Will get fogged up every time I stand near the cooker (maybe that’s a plus – excuse to avoid cooker).

Will fall asleep with them on and wake up with indents in my forehead.

May be mistaken for Indie rock star.

imageWill need special goggles if I ever get a sudden urge to take up diving, skiing, bunji  jumping, female boxing,  surfing or even just frolicking in the sea.   However, the alternative view could be to my advantage – ‘sorry, can’t go frolicking in the sea today  –  havn’t got the right glasses’.

No longer blissfully unaware of huge pore situation and other facial imperfections.



Still not convinced.  Might need some other sort of glasses to help me decide…