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imageWell done Nicola Thorpe.  A brave woman to take on her employers after being sent home for not wearing heels.   She was assigned by a London temping agency to work as a receptionist for PriceWaterhouseCooper, but was instead sent home without pay.  Her flat heels fell short of what was considered acceptable.

image.jpegHas the world gone completely mad?.   I’m glad to see that her idiotic employers have got their comeuppance.  Nicola set up an online petition which has now exceeded 120,000 and has forced her employers Portico to back down.

Heels weren’t the only thing on this arcaic menu of requirements. The thickness of tights also!!  Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!  Have the people at Portico been watching too much Mad Men.

“Tights of no more than 15/20 denier and makeup to consist as a minimum of: light blusher, lipstick or tinted gloss, mascara, eye shadow” Nail polish also gets a mention, green is out but plum is ok.

imageI suggest you dig out your old granny boots and thick woolly tights in solidarity.  Maybe a step too far but I am wearing my flats today at least.

Ironically, PWC have a blog about equality in the workplace.


If you want to wear high heels go right ahead, but what kind of illness of the mind would cause anyone to insist on inflicting pain and suffering on their female employees. If you are on your feet all day, escorting business clients to meetings as Nicola would have been then high heels are just plain cruel.

What is wrong with wearing flats anyway?  I can only deduce that her employers value shapely legs over professionalism.    You may be clever, professional, efficient, hardworking, but why bother.  When it comes to being valued in the workplace these qualities trail behind sexy legs it would appear.

So fellow Goddesses, if you’re on your feet all day, don’t compromise on comfort and definitely don’t allow anyone else the power to dictate what you wear on your feet.

Some reasons why flats are the better option – bunions..crushed toes…foot deformities…numbness…blisters…degenerative joint disease… shortened calf muscles…ankle injuries…back pain…osteoarthritis…lumpy bony protrusions…corns…

Would these pass the test……